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Wellness Room is a private room with Infrared sauna, commercial cold plunge and shower located in our studio. Our members and non-members can book the room and enjoy a 30 minute hot/cold therapy session privately. 

Our studio offers small group fitness classes and the wellness room gives our members the opportunity to relax and recover after their workouts. 
We recommend 15-30 minutes infrared sauna, a quick rinse/shower after and end with cold plunge.


Benefits of hot+cold therapy:
Improved Skin Tone...Flushes Out Toxins...Weight Loss...Improves Cardiovascular Function...Pain Relief...Wound Healing...Boosts Circulation...Fights Chronic Fatigue.
Decrease Inflammation and Improve Immunity...Increase Your Circulation...Boost Your Mood...Up Your Metabolism...Experience Less Post-Workout Muscle Soreness.

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